This ORF finder uses following genome information

Zhang, Jisen, Xingtan Zhang, Haibao Tang, Qing Zhang, Xiuting Hua, Xiaokai Ma, Fan Zhu, et al. 2018. “Allele-Defined Genome of the Autopolyploid Sugarcane Saccharum Spontaneum L.” Nature Genetics 50 (11): 1565–73.

Short tutorial

* This web application is for retrieving gDNA sequences of selected gene region with CDS structures
* User can input query geneID of sugarcane. The sugarcane geneIDs are from
* User also can input any phrase such as "Vesicle trafficking" then it will search the descriptions and return matched geneIDs

please enter sugarcane gene id or type keywords that you interested in

such as "flowering time circadian clock transcription factor"